Total Vapor CE4 Plus Clearomizer tank 1.6ml

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The CE4 Plus Tankomizer is the latest design of clear-bodied cartomizers, incorporating the most recent advances in its class.

The thick resilient body of the CE4 Plus has been custom made to fit the atomizer unit, this has eliminated previous cracking or splitting problems, particularly at the battery connection end.

The coil is drip fed via a short wick from the sealed fluid compartment situated above it, meaning previous wicking issues are also a thing of the past. Vapor reaches the mouthpiece through a sealed center tube, giving a clean, smooth vaping experience at a standard 3.7 volts.

With no soldered joints, no burning tastes, no cracking issues and the ability to be refilled many times the CE4 + is a great cartomizer, offering amazing value for money.

Please note: The CE4 Tankomizer will NOT work with an automatic battery. They atomizers are only activated by a manual battery. Normal use for a cartomizer is 2-4 weeks depending on usages.

Each pack contains:

CE4 Plus Tankomizers 2.2 – 2.4 Ohms

Filling instructions

Tankomizer dimensions: 65mm (L) including the mouthpiece 15mm (D) at the widest part.

Capacity: 1.6ml

CE4 PLUS Clearomizer

CE4+ is the latest Model in eGo Cone Shape , with internal metal elements.

The different with these and the standard CE4 is that the coil is located above like the previous CE2 , transparent color.